Public Awareness Workshop about the Small and Micro Finance Market

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012 09:42 Written by 

The Palestinian network for small and microfinance “Sharakeh” held a workshop on Monday 14/5/2012 in Jabalia camp at Alasria community center – an affiliate of UHWC


the workshop was about “The small and micro finance market in Palestine” as part of the of the microfinance development project which is funded by Network Development Center (NDC), the workshop was held in presence of Sharakeh’s Gaza coordinator Mr. Tamer Al-Jaru, and Mr. Basil Olian –Faten’s branch manager at Jabalia as a representative of the MFIs members, the target group of the workshop was university graduates in addition to the employees and volunteers of Alasria center.

At the beginning of their workshop, MR. Tamer Aljaru gave an introduction about Sharakeh as a representative body of the microfinance institution operating both in Gaza Strip and West Bank, its role in providing a range of activities aimed at developing the capacity of the MFIs and coordinate between them and between the different international donors and legal bodies in order to support these institutions, and to promote and increase awareness about the microfinance sector among all segments of the Palestinian public, he also stressed about the importance role of these institutions and the various services they provide to support community members  and strengthen their steadfastness and support the Palestinian economy.


Mr. Basil Olian in turn addressed several aspects of small and microfinance, and the key role of microfinance institutions play to assist and ease the burdens on the Palestinian individuals, he also talked in more details about the different types of micro-finance, its advantages, the conditions and procedures that are to be followed to issue a loan, and the various guarantees to be provided by borrowers.


At the end of the workshop a video about some borrowers’ success stories were presented to the attendees, then an open discussion were opened with the participants to respond to all their inquiries, questions mostly covered the different problems that they face with MFIs, loan mechanism, procedures and conditions required for issuing a loan

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