The Palestinian network for small and microfinance “Sharakeh” held its monthly meeting on 24/4/2012 about social performance management at Sharakeh’s office in presence of:

Mr. / William Gerousis – General manager- Sharakeh

Ms. / Alaa Abu Halawa – SPM Project Coordinator- Sharakeh

Mr. / Mohammed Abu Dalo - Member of the Board of Directors -Sharakeh

Mr. / Ghassan Kishek – SPM Project Advisor

Mr. / Salim Musallam – Monitoring and evaluation officer - UNRWA

The meeting addressed UNRWA’s experience in maintaining best practices in social performance management, and how to benefit from their experience and applying it the other microfinance institutions. Mr. Salim emphasized on the importance of social performance indicators for microfinance institutions because of their important role and the positive social effect they should have on society.

The committee suggested holding a workshop on 13/5/2012, in order to enable the advisor to finalize the last draft of the report that will be prepared at the end of the project, and obtain the trainees’ recommendations and suggestions.