The Palestinian Network for Small and Micro Finance

The Palestinian network for Small and Microfinance is a local Palestinian association that represents a forum of small and Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in Palestine. It is functioning as a voluntary coordinating body that speaks for Microfinance Non-profit Palestinian institutions that aim at providing financial services and loans to small business

The network supports growth of the industry in the West Bank and Gaza Strip; especially that Microfinance is considered the efficient tool of economic development that answers the needs of Palestinian Economic life.

The need for A Network emerged from the necessity of a body that plays the coordination role between members, and supports its work through activities and programs that unites Microfinance institutions in Palestine, assist resolve its issues and thus guarantee financial and functional sustainability.

The Palestinian Network for Small & Microfinance believes that good management of Microfinance industry on the national level, and providing methodological financial services to small projects will strengthen the field, and will increase its contribution to the Gross National Income. That will eventually lead to individual’s welfare. According to the network’s estimation on Microfinance organizations; the Palestinian economic activity largely depends on growth of Micro businesses.


The Palestinian Network for Small & Microfinance acknowledges that the industry needs joint efforts of the Palestinian government, Microfinance institutions and decision makers in the community, along with the support of local non-financial organizations and international development and aid organizations.

Legal Entity

The Palestinian Network for Small & Microfinance was established in 2002 and officially registered in 2004 as a Non-Profit Association at the Palestinian Ministry of Interior. The Network has an independent legal entity and is entitled to implement programs and projects in the field, within the forum of member institutions.


The Palestinian Network for Small and Microfinance is the representative of the small and microfinance industry in Palestine at the national, regional and international levels in order to contribute to poverty alleviation.


The Palestinian Network for Small and Microfinance is to serve all employees of microfinance providers and microfinance practitioners to enable them to improve access to financial services to Palestinian microentrepreneurs, small businesses, and low income people.  To advance the practice of small and microfinance development among its members, their international partners and other practitioners.