New tiered membership policy that seeks to bring the broad range of sector participants

together for the promotion and development of the industry, while maintaining a focus on Sharakeh’s vision and mission. 


Relief International

Relief International is a humanitarian non-profit agency that provides emergency relief, rehabilitation, development assistance, and program services to vulnerable communities worldwide.

Relief International is solely dedicated to reducing human suffering and is non-political and non-sectarian in its mission. Relief International's mission is to:


  • Serve the needs of the most vulnerable - particularly women and children, victims of natural disasters & civil conflicts, and the poor - with a specific focus on neglected groups and cases.
  • Provide holistic, multi-sectoral, sustainable, and pro-poor programs that bridge emergency relief and long-term development at the grassroots level.
  • Empower communities by building capacity and by maximizing local resources in both program design and implementation
  • Promote self-reliance, peaceful coexistence, and reintegration of marginalized communities.
  • Protect lives from physical injury or death and/or psychological trauma where present.
  • Uphold the highest professional norms in program delivery, including accountability to beneficiaries and donors alike.


Relief International Office Tel Fax
Main Office 0097-02-2423959 0097-02-2423960






Arab Center for Agricultural Development (ACAD)


ACAD, the Arab Center for Agricultural Development is a Palestinian non- profit non- governmental organization that has been officially registered in Jerusalem since 1993, and also registered by Palestinian National Authority since 2001 according to Palestinian Law.

ACAD is specialized in Micro- Credit and offers Business Support Services to the poor and low- income Palestinian producers ACAD Seeks to Promotion of self-sustaining employment and income generating projects in the agricultural sector and rural areas. Expanding geographical access to financial resources. Graduating poor and small rural producers into capital lending markets by shifting the balance of power towards those needing credit. Mobilizing rural savings. Developing & empowering rural marginalized communities


ACAD Offices Tel Fax
Headquarter 0097-02-2409660 0097-02-2409652
Gaza Branch 0097-08-2828106 0097-08-2847745
Nablus Branch 0097-09-2311084 0097-09-2311049
Tubas Branch 0097-09-2571270 0097-09-2571272
Tulkarem Branch 0097-09-2684055 0097-09-2674550
Ramallah Branch 0097-02-2965310 0097-02-2980004
Jericho Branch 0097-02-2323651 0097-02-2323651
Jenin Branch 0097-04-2433944 0097-04-2435944
Hebron Branch 0097-04-2433944 0097-02-2294011
Bethlehem Branch 0097-02-2766842  0097-02-2766843



Palestine for Credit and Development ", Faten


Palestine for Credit and Development is a Palestinian non- profit non- governmental organization Faten is seeking to improve the quality of life in Palestine, through broad access to microfinance services & micro high-quality and sustainable the pioneer and the economically active low-income people, especially women, through human resources and technical capabilities developed to contribute to in the empowerment of the family and the development of Palestinian society.

Faten Offices Tel Fax
Headquarter 0097-02-236140/1/2/3  
Ramallah Branch 0097-02-2951717/2989556  
Bethlehem Branch 0097-02-2764610  
Hebron Branch 0097-02-2258639  
Nablus Branch 0097-09-2397118  
Jenin Branch 0097-04-2439255  
Tulkarem Branch 0097-09-2686997  
Qalqilya Branch 0097-0598-229535  
Gaza branch 0097-08-2847058/68  
Jabalya Branch 0097-08-2452466  
Deir el-Balah Branch 0097-08-2536655  
Khan Yunis Branch 0097-08-2054757  
Rafah Branch 0097-08-2137970  


The Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association" ASALA'



ASALA; the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association has been actively providing loans to women since its establishment in 1997. ASALA’s headquarters is in Ramallah and it has ten strategically located branch offices throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. ASALA targets impoverished and excluded Palestinian women in order to empower them and put them on a track that will lead to financial independence and stability. ASALA provides Palestinian women entrepreneurs with a comprehensive package of support including guidance, counseling, training, micro, small, and Islamic financing, and extensive follow up. Success stories are real, tangible, and documented. ASALA, in partnership with women entrepreneurs, is alleviating suffocating and detrimental poverty in Palestine one family at a time. Progress may be slow, but it is stable, sustainable, and recyclable.

ASALA Offices Tel Fax
Head office 0097-02-2400532 0097-02-2402433
Bethlehem Office 0097-02-2753919 02-2753919
Hebron office 0097-02-2211880 02 -2211880
Jenin office 0097-04-2505480 04 - 2505480
Nablus Office 0097-09-2370048 09 - 2370048
Gaza Office 0097-08-2827165 08 - 2827165
Deir el-Balah office 0097-08-2538240  
Beit Hanoun office 0097-08-2482370  
Beit Hanoun office 0097-08-2551240  
Jabalia office 0097-08-2450650  


Cooperative Housing Foundation - CHF/Ryada 

 Cooperative Housing Foundation - CHF/Ryada is considered one of the first credit programs in the Palestinian territories. The program has worked throughout Gaza since its inception in 1994 with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Ryada is leader in the financial services in Palestine by: Charging sustainable interest rates, Maintaining up to date information on successful businesses, Investigating demands of our target groups, Building staff capacity and rewarding our employees. Continuously growing our portfolio Defining and providing best quality services

Ryada offices Tel Fax
Main Office 0097-02-2410570/510 0097-02-2410592
Gaza Branch 0097-08-2828320-08-2824076 0097-08-2833195
Ramallah Branch 0097-02-2965590 0097-02-2965592
Nablus Branch 0097-09-2335513/4 0097-09-2335513/4
Hebron Branch 0097-02-2290280/00972-02-2296787  
Tulkarm Branch 0097-09-2686655/6  



Palestinian Development Fund



Palestinian Development Fund is a Palestinian institution development non-profit organization established in 1996 to promote the effective growth of the Palestinian projects of small and medium enterprises through the provision of loans, medium-and long-term.

PDF Offices Tel Fax
Main Office 0097-02-2969801  
Gaza Office 0097-08-2824/ 386  
Jenin Office 0097-04-2504121/0599242118  
Nablus Office 0097-09-2392212 /0599244112.  
Bethlehem Office 0097-0599-232536 / 022 746 383  
Hebron Office 0097-0599-333573/022296209  
Tulkarm / Qalqilya / Salfit 0097-0599-244738  





UNRWA’s microfinance department provides income-generating opportunities for Palestine refugees, as well as other poor or marginal groups who live and work near them.

It extends credit and complementary financial services to small-business owners, microenterprise entrepreneurs and households. These investments sustain and create jobs, reduce poverty, and empower our clients, particularly women.

UNRWA Offices Tel Fax
MD Headquarters 0097-02-5890221 0097-02-5890230
West Bank Field Office 0097-02-5890455 0097-02-5890737
Bethlehem Branch 0097-02-2748184/6 0097-02-2748188
Hebron Branch 0097-02-2290026/7 0097-02-2290028
Jenin Branch 0097-04-243343 0097-04-2433431
Nablus Branch 0097-09-2387871/2 0097-09-2387870
Qalqilya Branch 0097-09-2942683/4 0097-09-2942685
Ramallah Branch 0097-02-2984831/2 0097-02-2984830
Tulkarm Branch 0097-09-2670252 0097-09-2670252
Jericho Branch 0097-02-2310156 0097-02-2310157
Field Office and Gaza Branch 0097-08-2820001/2 0097-08-2824949
Khan Younis Branch 0097-08-2061288 0097-08-2050540
Nusseirat  Branch 0097-08-2552003 0097-08-2554099







The East Jerusalem YMCA


The East Jerusalem YMCA is a vibrant and integral part of the Palestinian social movement established in 1949. As a member of the World Alliance of YMCAs , the EJ-YMCA is committed to a unique vision of community based on the universal values of human dignity, peace, and justice. Through Concern development of small enterprises in the field of project management and managerial development through the holding of sessions of the administrative, financial and professional to give the professionals the ability to manage their own projects. the integrated development of manpower in the professional field, which combines practical experience and professional development, administrative and between development and establishment of new small enterprises in order to provide and improve and promote employment opportunities and employment in the Palestinian market.  Provide the necessary funding to meet the needs of the largest possible number of workshops and small enterprises and small service through the granting of loans, Professional support workshops for their clients through the financing of soft loans and their payments installment. Working to fight poverty and provide employment opportunities for marginalized groups in Palestinian society.

YMCA  Offices Tel Fax
Main Office 0097-02-2956769  
Nablus, Jenin Office 0097-09-2385876  
Bethlehem Office 0097-0598-950092  
Hebron Office 0097-02-2253334  
Tulkarm Office 0097-0598-950091  
GazaOffice 0097-08-2842333  
Khan Younis, Rafah, Deir al-Balah Office 0097-08-2066340  







Reef Finance


Reef Finance is “seek to integrate the Palestinian rural areas in the microfinance services in order to strengthen its developmental role through establishing the first Palestinian Rural Bank. Reef objectives are Improve the living conditions of the Palestinian rural population, Participate in filling the financing gap in the Palestinian rural areas, Elevate the level of financial services provided to the largest possible number of beneficiaries.

Reef Offices Tel Fax
Head Office & Ramallah 0097-02-2951071\84 0097-02-2951073
Hebron Branch 0097-02-2211130 0097-02-2211130
Nablus Branch 0097-09-2387818 0097-09-2387818
Gaza Branch 0097-08-2888914 0097-08-2888914



Islamic Relief Worldwide - Palestine Office



Islamic Relief in Palestine is an international non-governmental charity which is a branch of Islamic Relief in the world and specializes in the alleviation of poverty. Islamic Relief began work in various programs in the Palestinian territories in 1998, and because of the deteriorating situation in the Palestinian territories in particular economic conditions. And passes the work of Islamic Relief in Palestine, through three core programs: the program of emergency relief and development program and the program of child care. Islamic Relief has initiated the implementation of these humanitarian programs to help needy Palestinians through the implementation of various projects and programs, where the main office of the relief work in Gaza City and another office in Ramallah in the Palestinian West Bank.


Islamic Relief Worldwide Offices Tel Fax
Gaza office 0097-08-2833343 /0097082837889 0097-08-2844606
West Bank: 0097-08-2974643 0097-08-2844606


Women's Fund – PECDAR

Women Fund establishment response to the economic situation experienced by the Palestinian territories, and their poverty and unemployment, which reached the highest levels ever, said that the Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction - PECDAR exerting great efforts for the development of Palestinian infrastructure and creating jobs to combat unemployment, and the Women's Fund, is One of mechanisms to give women the opportunity to become involved in the production process and in order not to remain on the margins of society as a mainstay of this community and protects its fire and aims to empower women through "self-employment" income-generating so that to give women the tools necessary to become productive human being. The Fund believes that every human being has the ability to seek opportunities, and our role is to promote the ability to turn this opportunity into reality by creating an environment to create better economic conditions


PECDAR Offices Tel Fax
Ramallah Office 0097-02-2974360 0097-02-2974331
Nabuls Office 0097-09-2384330 0097-09-2375581