About Us

 Sharakeh is considered a link connecting microfinance institutions together and maintaining open communication channels for dialogue amongst institutions and other actors in the field. Sharakeh provides its members with a variety of services and activities to enhance its employees’ abilities and thus its performance, to help microfinance institutions reach and maintain operational and financial sustainability. 

Sharakeh believes that good management of the Microfinance industry at the national level, in addition to the provision of financial services to owners of small enterprises in a systematic manner, would activate the potential capabilities within the sector of small enterprises and increase its contribution to the Gross National Income, thus increasing the welfare of individuals. According to the Sharakeh’s estimates, Palestinian economic activities depend to a large extent on the increasing growth of small enterprises.


Sharakeh believes also that the combined efforts of the PNA, microfinance institutions, decision-makers in the society, and civil society organizations as well as international development donor organizations are the guarantee for realizing the overall goal of the network and lending organizations, i.e. to preserve the sustainability and success of small enterprises and enhance their productivity through continuing to provide small financing products. 

 Sharakeh’s mission statement

Sharakeh represents and promotes the development of an efficient and transparent microfinance industry, by rigorously advocating for member interests, providing members with high quality services, facilitating appropriate industry policy development, and actively promoting the industry with the general public and potential microfinance partners.  

Sharakeh’s goals are: 

•To be an effective advocate for a regulated microfinance industry able to promote the interests of its members and their clients;

•To become an information hub that provides high quality, accurate and relevant analytical information for the industry at large;

•To become a financially sustainable source of valued products and services for MFIs operating in Palestine;

Current active members: 

1.The Palestinian Society for Businesswomen - ASALA 

2.The Arab Center for Agricultural Development – ACAD 

3.Palestine for Credit and Development - FATEN 

4.Palestinian Development Fund – PDF

5.Young Men’s Christian Association – YMCA\Small projects department 

6.United Nations Relief and Works Agency\Microfinance and Microenterprise Department 

7.Ryada - CHF

8.Islamic Relief

9.Reef Finance

Associate member: 

10.Women’s Fund (Pecdar)

11.Relief  International