The Board of Directors consists of 7 members elected by the General Assembly for two years. Board members are selected from the membership, but only from those enjoying Full Membership status.  The following are the current board members:

Board Member Name


Position on Board

Mr. Mohammad Abu Dalo

Reef Microfinance 


Mr. Samir Al Barghouthi 

Arab Center for Agricultural Development – ACAD

Deputy chairman

Mrs. Muna Shreidy 

Relief International 


Mr. Alaa Sisalem

Cooperative Housing Foundation – CHF


Mrs. Reem Abboushi

The Palestinian Businesswomen Association ‐ ASALA


Mr. Voltaire Kharoufeh 

Microfinance Department at MD/UNRWA


Mr. Anwar Al Jayyosi

Palestine for Credit and Development FATEN



The General Assembly convenes annually to discuss and approve the business plan, financial report and external audits, and every two years to elect a new Board of Directors. The Board meets every two months, and more frequently if there are urgent issues, to insure full implementation of the business plan; coherence of the financial situation of the organization; to discuss new ideas, projects and funding policies; and make decisions corresponding with the policies and procedures in the Administrative and Financial Manual.