Code Of Conduct

Full view of Shrakakeh’s members unified code of conduct

Introduction to Sharakeh’s Code Of Conduct;

The Palestinian Network for Small and Micro Finance (referred to in this Code to "Sharakeh" or "Network") is a national institution that aims to create an appropriate climate for the sector, small and micro finance for growth and prosperity, and promote and develop the sector and institutions that fall under it, and defend the interests of lending institutions of micro finance in Palestine, and to promote cooperation between the lending institutions for the benefit of the sector.

Hence the role of Sharakeh in place of this Code, to ensure the achievement of these goals, and enhances the status and capacity of network members to carry out the tasks entrusted to it, and to strengthen the role of microcredit and microfinance to make to its services, and the role of the sector to work, but also the grow and prosper.

This code of conduct is complementary and supplementary to the rules and provisions of the laws, regulations and instructions related, which govern the work of specialized lending institutions in Palestine, and subject to the force of law. Thus, this code is not intended to replace the rules contained in that legislation, which will continue entry into force, and the small and microfinance lending institutions should follow the guiding. However, this code aims to supplement what is stated in such legislation, to promote the sector, and return benefits to the institutions involved, as well as public borrowers / consumers.

The provisions of this Code to the signatory institutions.

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