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Sector transparency has been a central issue and is considered an objective; Sharakeh worked to fulfil. As part of its mission, Sharakeh promotes microfinance best practices and transparency among its members and through-out the Palestinian microfinance sector as a whole. Sharakeh succeeded to increase financial transparency and openness in the market by issuing a periodical monitoring and analytical report on the financial performance of its members collectively, and to a good extend individually. Sharakeh develops and publishes financial performance reports based on international accepted accounting and financial rules. Sharakeh is considered the address for local and international stakeholders when it comes to country financial performance facts.

Likewise, Sharakeh is in the process of promoting the transparency on the other main bottom of microfinance practice, which is the social side. MFIs have a social mission to reach, which usually combines the goals of raising participation in the labour force, reducing unemployment, and alleviating poverty. Sharakeh had an earlier attempt to stimulate the debate on the importance of social performance; one pilot report has been developed and published late 2009, to reflect the social performance of the Palestinian microfinance sector; through which only five MFIs participated with their data through the completion of the MIX SP Data Submission Form. Data were only revealed on the sector level; at the time, not much verification has been done on the data.

The “Social Performance (SP) Start-up Fund for Networks”, a project financed by Microfinance Centre (MFC) is a response to the need of scaling up Social Performance Management (SPM) in the microfinance industry. The initiative, which is partially implemented in Palestine aims to increase the transparency and implementation of the Social Performance Management processes and tools by MFIs. To achieve this goal, MFC is working with Sharakeh to develop the capacity of MFIs on SP reporting and its alignment to local context as well as elements of SPM.

This report, “the country report”, is part of this initiative and shall describe the social performance of the Palestinian microfinance sector as a whole based on individual reports that were submitted by each of Sharakeh’s participating members using the most recent MIX SP Data Submission Form. 

Report table of contents

1.        INTRODUCTION                    



3.1.     Members’ Definition and Monitoring of Target Clients and Social Goals

3.1.1.     Mission and social goals

3.1.2.     Measurement of outreach

3.2.     Board and Employee Commitment to Social Performance

3.2.1.     Governance

3.2.2.     Staff incentives in relation to social performance

3.3.     Social Responsibility towards Clients “Protecting Clients’ Rights”

3.4.     Range of Products and Services (systems and models)

3.5.     Treat Employees Responsibly

3.6.     Treat the Environment Responsibly


4.1.     The overall sector social performance

4.2.     Summary of Recommendations


Annex 01: Note on Sharakeh’s verification process

Annex 02: Note on potential benefits from SP Reporting to MIX

Annex 03: Individual SP reports by 11 MFIs


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