•  Go through Sharakeh newsletters, and learn more about Sharakeh’s work to help alleviate Palestinian poverty through microfinance. Sharakeh’s biannual newsletter, offers mirror image on Sharakeh's work, local news highlights, updates from staff in the field and success stories of the working poor succeeding through microfinance institutions –members of Sharakeh. 

    Sharakeh’s biannual newsletter highlights recent microfinance news and events, as well as reports on Sharakeh’s programs throughout Palestine.

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  • Go through Sharakeh’s presentation informative and interest grabbing material, dig deeper into each of them to learn more about Sharakeh’s work, programs, and the information disseminated to different stakeholders

    The presentations include but not limited to training presentations, report presentations, public awareness presentations etc…

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Trainings material

This page contains all training curriculums developed as part of the Capacity Building component of “Improving Economic Prospects of Palestinian Micro Entrepreneurs” project financed by the European Union, the Portland Trust and PlaNet Finance. These training modules are available to all members of Sharakeh to use while training their staff members in different location.

Exclusive publications

  • Internal Controls Manual


    This guide was developed under the supervision of the Palestinian MicrofinanceNetwork (Sharakeh) and supported by the NGO Development Center (NDC) to assist member MFIs develop and strengthen their existing Internal Audit departments. This guide will also provide necessary tools to establish, properly document, maintain, and adhere to Internal Controls.

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