Haitham Masoud

Got a loan from Ryada

Haitham Masoud overcomes hardship of life with his own project
and embodiesthesaying"A journey of thousand miles begins with one step

Gaza- Haitham Massoud a 20 years old from Gaza didn’t know that a loan from Ryada would be a key to bringing about a significant change in his life.

Massoud generally known since he was young by relying on himself, and therefore, after he had finished his secondary education he decided to contribute to the support of his family, by distributing coal in several areas around Gaza strip where the unemployment rates are estimated of about 29%.

Due to the unavailability of the good conditions for this young man to complete his university education, he thought about having a business of his own to help him cope with life difficulties and meet the basic needs of his family, and hence the idea of distribution of coal came to him to help him generate some income.

He began distributing coal by buying big bag of coal, and put it in smaller bags and sell it to those concerned with only small profit margin that doesn’t exceed 1 shekel per bag, before he started to rent a small vehicle, known as "Altoktok" to distribute bags of small coal in the markets and shops.

As time passed, Haitham decidedto expandhis project,so he headedto Ryada askingfor a loanto support his smallproject, and thusbenefited from theloanto buy"Toktok" of his ownfor thedistribution of coal, and the purchase larger quantities ofcoal, andhireaprivateyardto putcoalabundances.

The journeyofathousandmilesbegins withstep, he says, asaresultofthe positive effects afterIgotmyloan, I don’t only sellcoal, but nylonbagsin large quantitiestoalotofcustomersandsmallshopowners, which also lead me to hire aworker to assist me in thesale and distribution.

Haitham now aspirestoexpandhis business to become thelargest in Gaza, which would further help him and his family and assist himto achievehis dreamand getting marriedto start a familyof his own.