Rasha Fathi

Expanded a grocery store in Beit Ummar that has improved her economic situation

Rasha Fathi .. obtains a loan from ASALA that has changed her life

Beit Ummar – Hebron, "I feel satisfied about my initiative, especially since my role within my family and my community has become  effective and visible than ever before, now I participate with my husband in the support of our family under the most difficult circumstances, I encourage all women to take any chance that enable them to prove their ability to lead and be responsible ", with these words Rasha Fathi (28 years) from the village of" Beit Ummar "Hebron district expressed how she felt after the change that occurred in her life, after benefiting from a loan obtained from " ASALA "

Rasha Fathi is a mother of two, did not complete her university degree, and is now working as grocery owner in her village, where she and husband bear the burden of life with dedication and devotion.

Her husband was in the past the sole breadwinner for the family, the family dependent on his monthly salary of “1,700 shekels” from his work at "Beit Ummar where he was working in a gas station."

On the year 2011 Rasha heard about the loan services that ASALA provides through a magazine advert, at that time her husband’s family was owning a grocery store that lacks good management and capital, that’s when she thought about managing the store and obtaining a loan to expand it and get more goods.

And so she went to ASALA and got her loan of $3000, where she used the money to buy goods to fill the store, within a short period business for the store was getting better with an increased sales and profit, she was able to provide additional income for the family.

Rasha now seeks to maintain this progress and improvement of the business to remain as an additional source of income for the family, she says: my husband and his family have supported and encouraged me all the way and stood by me until the store become as it is now.

She adds that one of the hardest obstacles that she faced was when her daughter needed to have a surgery in her eyes, and the whole salary of her husband was used to cover the expenses of the surgery, and thus they solely relied on the income generated from the store to cover their living expense for this period.

She points that ASALA team makes regular visits to the store providing help and advice when needed regarding the management of the store, in addition to providing some training courses.                      

  She now is planning to apply for a second loan from ASALA when she finished he payments for the first loan in order to buy a car for using it in the distribution of the wholesale goods among shops inside and outside Beit Ummar.